Coachella: why you MUST go at least once.


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Next weekend will be the first weekend of the trendiest and most covet music festival of all times: Coachella! Can anyone disagree? The whole experience is amazing, the energy in the place is mindblowing and every second is fun fun fun.

I’ve been to Coachella three times: 2012, 2014 and 2016. And I want to tell you ALL about what to expect, how to plan for it, get tickets and everything you need! But FIRST, let’s get on to why you MUST do Coachella at least once in your life. Although I highly believe you will be back.

Coachella 2012.

Coachella 2012.

For music lovers.

If you like eletronic music, hip-hop and mostly Indie Rock, be sure there will be at list 5 AMAZING names confirmed. Current trending bands and artists, revival of old school classics and bands to watch, all in one place. Not to mention those bands and DJs you only know one song and you leave Coachella being their number one fan.

It was at Coachella that I got to see for the first time a lot of bands and DJs from my bucket list like Chainsmokers, Zedd, Bon Iver, The Shins, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, Beirut. And also where I saw amazing artists that I love and are always worth it like Foster The People,  Lana del Rey, Avicii, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Florence + the Machine and others! Not to mention the most amazing experience to see Guns N’ Roses last year. That was, WOW.

For the vibes.

It’s quite impossible not to be happy at Coachella. The energy is charming, engaging, blissful. I can’t even explain it. Imagine so many amazing people from all over the world looking for a good time, dancing and being together, getting to know each other and just having fun! You are basically in Wonderland for three days. Everything is also very well organized so there’s not a second of stress in the whole festival to kill the vibes. It’s just magical.

Coachella 2016.

Coachella 2016.

If you love Street Style.

Can’t deny it: Coachella feels like a runaway! In the most fun and amazing way! It is part of the fun to see all the amazingly dressed girls and boys – either in rocker, hippie or just cool way but ALWAYS with personality and boldness. The outfits are incredible and you are just amazed to see so many nice looks! People are on their TOP style game but that doesn’t mean AT ALL that you are missing any fun or music or the festival. We dress up but enjoy 100%!

Coachella 2014.

Coachella 2014.

And enjoy dressing up!

And of course, you will get on the mood too! And a  LOT of the fun of planning Coachella is the outfits, planning what to wear that is fun and comfortable. So if you are like me and love any occasion to fool around dressing up, this is the place! I’ve seen people dressed as cop, or all in leather, or even a topless mermaid with body panting covering her boobs. Sick!

Coachella 2016.

Coachella 2016.

If you enjoy meeting new people.

Be sure you will be meeting a lot of nice and fun people on the festival, the hotel, the ride to the festival and just everywhere. Evveryone is in a friendly mood so you can even be you and a friend or even by yourself! Not to mention the actually thrill of meeting so many interesting people from all around!

If you enjoy the “see-and-be-seen” scene

Let’s not sugarcoat it, Coachella is a lot about “see and be seen”, specially on the VIP area – i’ll be explaining the differences soon. But how could it not be? The most gorgeous models of the world, the coolest actors, the biggest bloggers… All in one place!

That’s why when a more picky friend or my sister for example (very lady-like) tells me she is not sure she would enjoy I tell them always: “TRUST ME, you will want to go back every year.” It can be basically like fashion week, but much more enjoyable. I’m not criticizing AT ALL. I enjoy all that and i don’t think it means you are not enjoying the festival or the music! At least me, i enjoy all aspects about it!

From LA to Palm Springs! Coachella 2012.

From LA to Palm Springs! Coachella 2012.

If you like visiting unusual interesting places.

The roadtrip from LA  is gorgeous, I love it. You can also drive from San Diego for example. The local vegetation is incredible and very local – it is a desert we are in! The National Joshua Tree Park is a must go. It is amazing, something far from anything I’ve ever seen. So interesting. And Indio, Palm Springs and all the area s pretty curious and nice, with all kinds of hotels, lovely houses and events happening all around!

That’s MY reasons! Any readers been there? What you enjoyed the most? And don’t worry, we’ll get to HOW to do Coachella, trip planning and getting  tickets. And this year I won’t be there but next year who knows?

xxxx BK.

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