How to get tickets for Coachella, VIP differences and which weekend to go.


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This is for sure the most asked questions I always get about this festival: How to get tickets for Coachella? Is the VIP pass worth it? Is it necessary? Which weekend should I go?

In this post I will answer those questions and give you the most info possible, but keep in mind that this is all based on my experiences and opinions.

Yesterday I’ve spoken about why I believe everyone should do Coachella at least once, now I want to make you turn this wish true!

Coachella 2014.

Coachella 2014.

How to get tickets?

Tickets for Coachella start selling in the official website normally from one to max two months after the festival of the year before. This means this May or June will be the pre-sale for Coachella 2018.

Buying directly from the website is for sure the best way. You can even adhere to the payment plan – which allows you to divide the payment in 4 payments to be charged in you credit card one quart every two months.

That’s exactly why, if you already know this is something you want to do, you need to get yourself in the Coachella mailing NOWand watch your emails for news! If you are considering but isn’t sure, I suggest buying it anyway – I have already sold one my tickets for way more than I had bought it (I followed the prices on reselling websites) and it was super easy.

Even thought this is officially a pre-sale, the chance to get tickets in this stage is greater than expecting an actually sale to come. In some years, there wasn’t even a actually sale after. Last year, the sale tickets sold out in 10 minutes, which make us think the volume of tickets were extremely lower.

Coachella 2014.

Coachella 2014.

I missed the pre-sale, and now?

Maybe you weren’t sure, decided later to go or couldn’t get tickets in the very busy website during pre-sale. First, check the travel packages on the website, normally the packages for tickets and hotels combined last longer. This saved me once before from buying from resellers.

If there is still NOTHING that suits you, you will need to buy it from resellers. I suggest StubHub and ViaGogo, both I’ve used before with no problem. Buying either right after pre-sale is on or just before the festival are the best chances to get the best prices, since normally in between that people are just trying to make fortune with it. As it comes closer to they just drop the price to get rid of it.

How much is it?

The VIP tickets for Coachella 2017 was sold for U$ 899,00; and the General Admission (regular ticket, no access to VIP areas) was U$399,0. This is good for all three days.

And the VIP tickets, what’s the deal?

Minding the price, with the VIP ticket you have access to two different areas in different sides of the festival: one on the side of the main stage, with perfect view; and the other one in front of the biggest tend, where they normally have DJ’s. The sound is perfect but you can’t see it because it’s well, a tend (closed).

On the VIP you also have sofas, power outlets, gardens, food and drink vendors that are way nicer than outside like sushi, cocktails and wine bar… The restroom is also much better, the lines are also smaller. Also, there are some treats from brands for example, one year H&M did a hair and make up station…

Besides all that, this is the place where you cam stumble across bands, musicians, actors and actresses, models, bloggers… If this is something that excites you, know that rarely you will be able to find them outside the VIP area.

Coachella 2012.

Coachella 2012.

Is it worth it? Is it necessary?

Is it worth it? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. The VIP experience is for sure different. It is more comfortable, specially if you are like me and enjoy spending the whole day at the festival. Seeing the cool crowd is also fun, I won’t like. Being able to see some concerts very close but without all the pushing around is probably the best.

Since 2016, the festival has a separate entrance for VIPs and it takes maximum 10 minutes, in comparison with up to an hour or more depending on the time.

That said, it is absolutely possible to have fun outside the VIP. My first Coachella experience was with the General Admission tickets and I absolutely loved it. We walked all around, the lines were organized and even though it is crowded, it works.

There are bars, restrooms and food everywhere and almost nothing takes more than 10 minutes, besides the Festival entrance.

Also, I met a lot of more people outside the VIP area, which isn’t that social as outside. If you want to mingle, meet new people and have a chill Coachella experience, the VIP isn’t necessary at all. But if you want the whole Instagram-worth Coachella experience, you should get it.

Which weekend should I go?

Since some years ago, Coachella is happening in two weekends. But how is that? Which one to choose? Being as direct as i can: the first one is always way better. The festival is full of surprise attractions and innovative details, and on the second weekend it is all just old news already. Kind of kills the fun.

Also, in some occasions, surprise participations of performances going on stage with expected artists did happened in the first weekend and didn’t repeat on the second one. The best parties are on the first weekend also, the smaller and more exclusive ones. On the second weekend there are only giant ticket-buying parties. In general, the cool crowd is going on the first weekend, but do mind this sells out first.

All this explained, between not going and going on the second weekend, of course please just book the second weekend! You will love it anyway, I just prefer the first weekend for reasons mentioned. Let’s say Coachella Weekend II is INCREDIBLE and Coachella Weekend I is SURREALJUSTAMAZINGBESTPLACEINTHEWORLDWOW! Lol

Phew! This is some of the FAQs I get from Coachella but any other questions write me on the comments, by email or on Instagram! I will LOVE to help!

xxxx BK.

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This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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