Festival Outfits! #01


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I’m a fan of having some fun while creating you festival outfits, specially Coachella outfits, where people are always going an extra mile and doing their best! Today I am starting my first inspiration series, with three posts on Festival Outfits, three outfits each post. Hope you enjoy it!

Festival Outfits – Rock Attitude.

From all styles of festival outfits, believe me, at Coachella, the less used is the rocker look. Most of the looks are just very bohemian and California looking. For standing out of the crowd I would definitely go with this one, with shirt with top buttons open and tucked inside shorts and the skinny scarf thrown on your neck. Even more specifics, I would do just a bunch of braids in my hair and rock some bright red lips, what you think?

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style - Rocker.

{ shirt + scarf + boots + shorts + belt + sunnies }

Festival Outfits – Mod Queen.

If Twiggy were to show up at the desert, this would be exactly what she would wear. Imagine lots of mascara and some little stars placed around your eyes. #GORGEOUS.

And OMG, can we all just DIE right now for this bodysuit? It’s lingerie – but hey, who cares?

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style

{ shorts + boots + bodysuitt + hat + bag + ósunnies }

Festival Outfits – Not So Simple.

And if you just want to go with a more “simple” outfit, here is an idea to avoid the boredom of the blue jeans, tee and boots combination. I’ve pick this amazing high waisted shorts and loose top, a confortable fits-all bag and boots matching, sunnies and one accessory and you are ready to go! Totally #Goals right? Like when Rosie decides to show up.

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style

{ boots + shorts + top + bag + choker + sunnies }

What you think? Which one is your favorite? Ready to go? If you enjoy this outfits collages, you should definately check our instagram!



This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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